Air Electronic Converter

The A&E Air/Electronic Converter is designed to permit the use of air plug and air ring gauges with electronic displays. In this way, the simplicity of air gauging can be combined with the benefits of electronic gauging with its facilities for differential gauging, high magnification, use of tolerance indicator lights and choice of analogue, digital or LED column displays.
Air Electronic Converter

In order to ensure the greatest degree of precision at high magnification, the measuring range of standard gauge heads can be restricted to two ranges of ±0,015mm (±0.0005in) and +/-0.050mm (+/-0.002").

For special applications gauges can be produced for +/-0.005mm (+/-0.0002") scale range or any custom range that electronic readouts can cater for within the scope of the gauge head.

For further information, speak to A&E Gauges Technical Support.

A&E Air/Electronic Converters may be used with any of the current range of electronic gauge units. Two clearance holes permit the unit to be fastened down to the work bench, or attached to other Converters.

The Easy To Use VC2000 Column Gauge

The VC2000 is a single channel vertical column gauge designed for the connection of inductive probes with the standard Mercer sensitivity. With single or differential measurement options, one or two probes may be used in any summing or subtracting combination. Units may be inter-connected and probe signals mixed to provide a multi-channel gauging capability.

The measured value is displayed on both the 100 LED bargraph and the 3½ digit red LED numeric display.

Traditional mechanical controls provide for quick and easy set-up and adjustments. Six metric measuring ranges from ±5.0µm to ±1500µm full scale are selected by rotary switch. Channel zero adjustment is achieved simply and precisely by turning the recessed rotary control knob. Tolerance lights are provided for quick 'Go', 'No-Go' indication. The 3½ digit numeric display with 0.1µm resolution gives accurate readings for standards room applications, and its value is output in RS232 format for Data Logging.

A robust steel case gives protection in harsh workshop conditions, and is smartly styled to look good in the best appointed standards room. Precision bore gauging is easily achieved by connecting the AE6 Air/Electronic Converter to combine the simplicity of Air Gauging with the benefits of electronics.
vc2000 Column

Key Features

- Brilliant, easy-to-read, 100 bar LED display
- 3½ digit red LED numeric display
- Large Red, Green, Amber tolerance indication
- Security recessed zero control
- 6 Metric Ranges - ±5.0µm to ±1.5mm
- Resolution 0.1µm
- Wide range input voltage

Operating Principle

Compressed air at a regulated pressure of 300kN/m2 enters the Converter through a restriction to one side of a diaphragm which is sensitive to minute changes in pressure. Air flows to atmosphere through one or more jets in the gauge measuring head and variations in pressure against the diaphragm result from variations in the clearance between the measuring head and workpiece.

The movement of the diaphragm is detected by an electronic probe and indicated by the gauge unit. Adjustment screws on the unit enable setting of zero and scale magnification.