Check List

Please use this list of questions as a guide when making an enquiry to our sales department.
A component or detail drawing is always best supplied alongside an enquiry.
These can be preferably forwarded electronically as pdf, jpg, or dwg/dxf CAD formats.
Alternatively please fax or post drawings to us.

When ordering air plugs, it is important to state your exact requirements as follows

1. Is it a re-order? If so, quote A&E number etched on plug adaptor

2. What gauging unit is to be used - Clearline or Electronic?

3. What is scale of unit? 0.025 / ± 0.050 / ± 0.015mm?

4. What is diameter of bore to be gauged, and whether inch or metric?

5. What are the tolerances to be gauged?

6. Is it a through or blind bore?

7. What is length of bore?

8. Is an extension required? If so, state length

9. Is a depth collar required?

10. Is a Universal Adaptor Handle required?

11. Is a 90º Adaptor required?

12. Is a standard open jet or mechanical contact APG required?

13. Are setting rings required? If so, state quantity of each

14. Is special etching required on air plug gauge and/or setting rings?